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Hitachi AC Services in Panchkula

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To get Liable AC Repair Near Me When AC Not Working: Contact AC Hours

ACs are not just appliances in the homes they are the ones who cover us in comfort after we come home having a hectic and hot day. They have become our buddies of comfort and not having them working right just beaks our hearts. 

Well, AC Hours do not want to break your heart and wish to keep it lively and comfortable and thus provide the best AC service and the best AC repair in Panchkula 24×7. 

We hope, having an air conditioning repair service partner available round the clock makes you a bit dependable and tension-free – with us by your side. 

AC Hours is a renowned AC Service provider company in Panchkulathat tends to provide AC service in nearby areas too. Our main goal is to keep our customers in their comfort zones. 

We come up with the following AC services:

AC Installation – Less do we know that AC installation is the work that needs major skills and an eye for detail too to perform the task. And AC technicians at AC Hours have it all to make sure your AC is installed at the best place and just right. 

AC Repair – Repairs in AC have a never-ending list. One day you can find your AC’s drainage blocked, another day you might find ice forming on your AC coil, or foul odor, or maybe some of your AC might give you some other reasons to call for an air conditioning repair service in Panchkula. Whatever the reason be, AC Hours is a place where we have a Hitachi AC mechanic in Panchkula to solve all your AC problems. 

AC Maintenance – If your AC needs a regular check, needs an AC Gas charging, has leaks, has severe problems to be rectified, needs a powerjet AC service to get cleaned and freshen up or just a regular screwing, our expert AC technician can do it all for you. To get the Hitachi AC maintenance in Panchkula, reach out to AC Hours now!

The AC Repair Check

You are not an AC fitting mechanic who can make out the issue your AC has. But then how are you suppose to make out that your AC has an issue and it needs an AC Repair in Panchkula or AC service? To make your task easy, we have listed a few symptoms that your AC might show up with when it needs a repair. Have a look at these symptoms. And if you think your AC has any of them – it needs an Air conditioning repair service.

  • If your AC makes weird noises 
  • If your AC vents warm air at intervals
  • If your AC restricts the regular compressor cycle
  • If turning on the AC and changing temperature has become a big task
  • If AC throws out warm air
  • If AC does not cool the room sufficiently 
  • If AC seems to have a leakage inside the room
  • If you notice laters of ice on the AC
  • If AC seems to have a blocked drainage
  • If AC shivers while turning on and off

These are the symptoms your AC comes up with or maybe other alike symptoms when they need your attention. So keep a close check and if you find any such symptoms in your AC – you know you must reach out to your reliable AC service partner in PanchkulaAC Hours

When You Think Reliable AC Service - Think AC Hours

Everyone knows we hardly find things or people who are worth placing our trust in. And even if we find them, we need to know that they are really worthy to get placed with our trust. So, if you want reasons to trust us and find us reliable to get the Hitachi AC service in Panchkula, we would love to list our traits to gain your trust. 

  • We provide 30 days service warranty
  • We have 24×7 service and active customer support
  • Our Window AC service and Split AC services start at just Rs. 599/-. Though the quotes depend completely on the type of AC repair, AC service, or AC maintenance in Panchkula your AC needs. 
  • We have skilled AC Mechanics all over the Panchkula ready to serve you any time of the day. 
  • Our experts are experienced and well-trained to service not only the Hitachi ACs but all other brands of AC in market
  • We make sure to provide complete satisfaction to customers. 
  • We have gained five stars from more than 90% of our customers
  • We have served more than 1000 clients over Panchkula and nearby areas. 

If you think getting the AC service from reliable, professional, and from skilled hands is on your need list, call AC Hours and book your appointment now!

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