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To Get Carrier AC Service Near Me: Call AC Hours

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To Get Carrier AC Service Near Me: Call AC Hours

Carrier is one of the leading and premium brands that provide air conditioners all over the country. It has over 35+ ACs that fit the budgets of all. The renowned Carrier ACs are known for their super-fast cooling. However, even if Carrier is one of the best brands and builds up the best quality ACs, the machines stay the machine, and electrical appliances getting damaged or creating problems is common. So, in that case, if you need Carrier AC service in Mohali, Chandigarh, and Kharar,without giving a second thought, give us a call.

ACs being an inevitable part of our lives, can’t be removed from our lives. And thus, spending a single day without it seems like spending an eternity in the lap of heat. To avoid the day filled with sweat and summer without AC, get the regular best AC repair service. Are you in a dilemma, for like when should you call for the AC service?

Well, we suggest twice a season. A regular Air Conditioning Service is a must to keep the filters clean and all parts lubricated. However, here are a few regular problems that AC owners encounter. If your AC has any of these symptoms, you must call for the Carrier AC service in Panchkula and Zirakpur, anytime, and we’ll be there for the Ac service ASAP.

Call for The AC Service Near Me If You See These Symptoms In Your AC

  • AC not throwing the cold air
  • AC not cooling the room adequately
  • There is a foul smell in the room after switching on the AC
  • AC takes longer than usual to cool the room
  • You still feel the moisture in the room, even when the AC is switched on.
  • If there are issues with the remote
  • Water leaks inside the room
  • You see ice on the inside or outside AC unit
  • If your AC bill has been raised.
  • If you hear erring noise from the AC
  • See corrosion around the AC Coil

Or if there are any other issues, AC Hours has a repair for it all. We can provide the services for any and every issue you have. You can expect the best AC service from AC Hours for your Carrier AC.

Services Offered in Carrier AC Service In Mohali, Chandigarh, And Kharar

With the scorching summers and heat-filled days, it’s tough imagining life with AC. But the problem is, since ACs are also machines and electrical devices only, they can suffer from the issues too, which needs instant repair. If your AC faces the above-written symptoms or needs the Carrier AC service in Mohali, Chandigarh, and Kharar, reach AC Hours to get the service. We offer the following services your AC might need.


  • Carrier AC Repair
  • Capacitor repair
  • Carrier AC Installation
  • Carrier AC gas charging
  • PCB (Panel control board) repair
  • Stabilizer Repair
  • Indoor/Outdoor unit inspection and repair
  • Fan motors repair
  • Discharge ball repair
  • Indoor fans repair
  • Replacement of AC parts
  • Drainpipe repair
  • Capillary filter repair
  • Copper pipes repair
  • Condenser coil repair
  • Wiring repair

The list of the repairs and the issue seems never-ending. But if you face other problems with your AC but they are not mentioned in the above list, give AC Hours a call. Our support team will listen to all your queries and send only the most suitable AC mechanic to your home.

Benefits of Taking Regular AC Repair & Servicing

Everything that is taken care of tends to live longer and perform better. So, if you take care of your AC by providing regular AC Repair & Servicing, you and your AC will surely get the following benefits.

  • Your Ac will work at 95% of its original efficiency.
  • If you take regular AC Service, your AC will tend to break down less.
  • When there are fewer major AC breakdowns, you will save a lot of money, which you might have spent on the AC repairs.
  • A regular serviced AC will cool, dehumidify, and keep your room at a better temperature with fresh air.
  • The AC with a well-working condition consumes less energy, and thus it will be energy efficient, which will be good for your pocket, and the environment too.
  • When an AC gets regular maintenance, the life of the system is expected to increase.

So, if you are looking for a place to be there with sheer comfort, make sure you get Carrier AC service in Mohali, Chandigarh, and Kharar by AC HOURS, maintain your AC well to get benefits from the AC mentioned above.

Why AC Hours To Get Carrier AC Service

We say and we pride ourselves on being one of the best Carrier AC service providers as we own and offer the following qualities and benefit our customers with the same.

  • We offer 24/7 service.
  • We charge very nominally for our services. The AC service charges start at just Rs. 599 and depend on the services your AC requires.
  • We offer all the AC-related services – From Ac installation to changing the AC parts, repairing an issue, and everything related to AC. Our well-trained AC Mechanics can handle it all.
  • We offer AC services for both commercial and residential places.
  • We Provide professional service that makes our customers satisfied.
  • We are easily approachable.
  • We offer a 30 Days Post-Service Warranty.

Call us today to get the best AC service.

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