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AC Maintenance Service

ACs are a must-have and an inseparable part of every house and our daily life. Living or even imagining life without AC in the pricking summer feels like cracking a tough gag. So, do not find your AC broken when you come home to sit and chill after a melting summer day, getting AC service regularly for maintenance is a necessity. After all, no one deserves to keep sweating and itching this summer. However, when you want to get reasonable AC maintenance service go nowhere other than AC Hours. We come up with the AC service across Chandigarh UT, Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula, and Zirakpur. Let your AC have the hands of experts and professional treatment. Our rightly knowledge equipped air conditioning technicians can handle all your AC complications.

Common Issues Of ACs

Since appliances are of different brands and made with various complex materials and techniques, there are a few common issues that every AC owner has come across. So, here are a few to mention, which are commonly seen. However, for any other condition you have with your AC apart from jotted below, our skilled and experienced air conditioning technicians can hover over and resolve the same.

  • AC has to come to a complete halt
  • AC venting no cold air
  • AC releases a foul smell along with the air
  • Frosted AC
  • Water leaking inside the room
  • Disturbed compressor cycle
  • Strange noises coming out of AC
  • Frozen or burnet AC coil
  • Dusty air, venting from AC
  • The AC does not chill the room moderately

Do you see these issues or others? Reach us now to get the service.

AC Hours Offers the Following AC Services

When it comes to the maintenance of the AC, we take pride in ourselves in providing AC service at not only a reasonable price but with complete customer satisfaction round the clock. As you take your car for regular maintenance, your AC maintenance is important, likewise to have the elongated life and preserve the efficiency of your AC. Thus, to let your AC have a healthy and sustainable life, here are services we offer in our regular AC maintenance service.

  • Cleaning AC filters
  • Fin cleaning
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Evaporator coil check and cleaning
  • Cleaning of the evaporator fan
  • Coolant level-check
  • Inspection of all the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Inspect and clean the condensate pump
  • Drainpipe cleaning
  • We run leak checks
  • Inspecting and cleaning all dirty coils, faulty wiring, broken fan, or clogged air filters.

The above mentioned are the services included in our regular AC maintenance. However, if there are any calls to scrutinizing the AC, we are here to help.

You can opt to take the annual maintenance contract, which would include regular maintenance of your AC – twice a year, and service on call whenever required. The contract can last from a year to five years. Get the AMC according to your convenience.

Signs That Says You Need AC Service Soon
Since anything you feel is not working for your AC, you can call for the service. Here are a few signs that can make you realize you need an AC service real soon to avoid the summertime blues. Mark the signs call for AC service and make your summer living relaxed.

  • If you feel, AC throws warm air continuously, or when it starts, compressor issue or restricted airflow due to some reason has to be blamed and fixed.
  • If there is insufficient airflow, chances are your AC has a clogged air filter, broken motor, no gas, or some other issues that need screwing.
  • If your AC has a broken frequent cycle, your AC condenser needs fixing.
  • If the moisture level in the room is not maintained, you definitely need an AC repair service.
  • Apart from these signs, if there is a bad odour, leak, ice, noise, or other signs that do not create a comfortable atmosphere – without wasting time, call for AC maintenance.

Get Regular AC Service from Reputed Air Conditioning Technicians

AC service providers are numerous in the town but getting the service done from the non-experienced hands or professionals can cause more damage to the AC or it will just draw down the issue for just a while. However, a service provided by trained air conditioning technicians with experience has a long-lasting effective solution. Getting service from experienced hands will let you have a quick yet effective solution to the issues which will make your AC work like new and give your AC an extended life.

Call or schedule a service today!