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Best 24/7 AC Service

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Best 24/7 AC Service

A day without AC is a day that passes with the blow of heat and irritation of summer. By the time our AC is working perfectly, we start taking it for granted and often forget – The appliance that sets our room at the right temperature for us, needs care too – that is the AC repair Service to stay as smooth as it was on the first day.

Well, if you are one of them who forgot to get the service as a preventive measure and now seems to have a difficult time with your AC, worry not, because AC Hours has your back. We understand spending a day in a room without AC on a scorching hot day is disheartening and very uncomforting. Thus, at AC Hours, we work round the clock and 365 days to solve any problem associated with your AC, just to make sure you do not have to suffer anymore. If you have any brands’ AC in the room that is not functioning properly, wait no more, and schedule the Hitachi, Samsung, Lloyd, O’General, carrier AC service or others, today.

Why Regular Air Conditioning Service Is A Necessity

An installed appliance in the home will always demand the care to have a long life and to make it run in top-notch condition. Failing to do so, will not only diminish the life of your AC, but it will start to break down often, which will result in more elongated repairs and will hand you frustratingly high bills.

So, when you have AC/s in your home, make sure you get the air conditioning service twice a year at least as well. Having regular AC service will give you the following benefits:

  • Reduced major breakdown
  • It will save costs in the long run
  • Your AC will have an extended lifespan
  • The air in the home will be cleaner and healthy
  • It will protect parts of the AC
  • Energy-saving plus sustainable bills

And overall, when you get services for AC regularly, you’ll breathe free and stay relaxed!

AC Hours: The Best Air Conditioning Service Provider For You

We say we are the best air conditioning service provider, we really mean it. Want to know why? Read below, and know it for yourself.

  • 24/7 Service

With a team of experts and professionals, we are available at your disposal round the clock to maintain your comfort zone. We are available any time, in Mohali, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Chandigarh UT, and Kharar. We believe in repairing your AC at the earliest possible time.

  • AC Repair & Installation

AC installation is not as straightforward as it seems to be. It’s not a task which you find a local AC technician near me and hand to a local non experienced person. The installation of AC requires skills because AC has to be installed with the measurements, leaving gaps between the ceiling and AC unit, and there are numerous things which a technician does to make the installation right. So, when you want the right installation of AC to get the most of your AC, you have us by your side to be called.

  • Nominal Charges

It’s always better to take precautions than to take cures. If you take regular services of the AC, which at AC Hours is available at very reasonable charges, your AC will most likely not have heavy AC disruptions and will not let you go through paying heftily for the repairs. Well, even though you need major repairs, we have it all at affordable charges. We suggest going for the regular AC service to avoid issues. But if your AC gets halted and asks for a repair, go nowhere other than AC hours to have reasonable service for all that you need. We take pride in providing service at the most competent prices.

  • Online AC Repair Service

We love going on with the voyage. Since digitization is in a dash, we tend to follow that and are thus available online for the bookings of the appointments. With us being available online, our availability gets easier and we love this, even more, when our customers can reach us easily. So, if you have a query or need an air conditioning service, reach us soon!

  • AC Repair Service for Office & Home

Since ACs are used at all places, including homes and offices, we, expanding our service area, tend to serve at both places and all others that have ACs. So if you have ACs at any place AC Hours is the solution.


How to Book AC Service

Booking a service with us is effortless. All you need is just a few taps on your phone. You can call us on +91-78144-94030, book an AC repair service appointment online, or email us at the given email address on the website. Your reliable AC repair service – AC Hours is available all time for your help!

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