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Lloyd AC Service In Chandigarh

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Lloyd AC Service In Chandigarh

Lloyd, as an AC brand, being launched in 2007, took up in the market very soon and became one of the most wanted AC brands of India. Lloyd being an Indian brand owned by Havells has ACs that fit the budget and needs of all sorts of people.

Since the ACs are in variety and use high-tech mechanisms in the building of the ACs they are quite popular and seen often in more houses. Well, if you have a Lloyd AC in the house as well, and need Lloyd AC installation, services, or repair for the same, AC Hours is here to help.

As Lloyd ACs are much in number in the Chandigarh area, there are untrained mechanics around too, who though provide the AC service, but might not do justice with the work they were supposed to do. So, to get only reliable and professional AC service in Kharar, Chandigarh, or nearby areas, reach north India’s most trusted AC service partner – AC Hours.

The AC mechanic we send to your home will be professional, trained, and will use only the high-tech tools and techniques to treat your AC right.

Lloyd AC Repair

Lloyd AC is powerful enough to cool your room and keep you in your comfort zone. But, since it’s also a machine, there are chances you face issues with them too. If you see the following symptoms in your AC, do not wait to call an AC mechanic. Because avoiding the early repair might cost you too much later. The symptoms below might indicate, you need an AC repair:

  • If you hear weird or tinnitus noise in your AC
  • If your AC blows warm air.
  • If your room is not cold enough.
  • Inadequate airflow.
  • If you smell the odour when you switch on the AC.
  • If the dust blows with the air.
  • If you still feel humid in the room.
  • If there is moisture near the vets or water dripping inside the room.
  • If your electricity bill has shot up.
  • If you see ice accumulated near coils.
  • If your AC does not have a regular on and off-cycle.

However, there can be more symptoms your AC might show. If you face these or any other signs, you need to call for the Lloyd ac repair as soon as possible to fix the malfunctioning of the AC. However, if you miss calling for the AC repair when you see these indications, you might have to face the big breakdown of the AC and pay hefty bills for the same later. To avoid problems later, call the AC Hours provider of AC service in Chandigarh and treat your AC’s issues.

Lloyd AC Installation

Installation is never as easy as it seems to be. The AC has to have the distance from the ceiling, and walls, copper wires have to be attached, walls have to be drilled, brackets need fixing rightly, the wiring has to be done right, there should be a certain distance in the indoor and outdoor unit, and there are much more similar things that have to be taken care of – when the mechanic has to do the Lloyd AC installation.

These techniques and knowledge come equipped only with the AC mechanics who own the experience of doing the job. And at AC Hours, we have all the AC technicians who are not just experienced but are trained and are professionals in their work. So, if you are hoping to get the Lloyd AC installation or installation of AC of any brand, feel free to reach us.

Where To Get Best Lloyd AC Service In Chandigarh

When you have to search for the AC service in Chandigarh, there are numerous options you have in hand, and thus it is super exhausting to find the best one. But we can make your choice easier by getting a bit transparent about the quality of service we provide.

  • We provide service at competent prices that fit your budget.
  • We provide a 30 days post-service warranty.
  • Every AC mechanic attached with AC Hours is a well-trained and trusted professional.
  • We take pride in being transparent with the pricing.
  • Our AC service price starts at 599/- only.
  • We have excellent support at your disposal.
  • We are available for the AC service 24/7.
  • We use only original spare parts.
  • We have repaired and serviced over 1000+ ACs in the past year.

These are a few qualities we like to keep forefront for our users. Every user we have served was pleased with the service we provided. From Lloyd AC gas charging to repairing parts, fixing leaks, screwing the loose connection of the AC, and doing the regular maintenance – we do it all and more.

To get the best AC service in Chandigarh, call your trusted AC service partner – AC Hours now!

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