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24/7 AC Services In Chandigarh

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24/7 AC Services In Chandigarh

Most decidedly, we are unhappy when we do not get our room chilled as we wanted it to be after a hectic summer day because our AC got broken. It’s really sad to be out of pleasure when the AC is not working. However, if it’s daytime or evening, AC Hours is here at your disposal to provide the AC service in Chandigarh whenever you need it.

AC Hours is an air conditioning repair service provider that has been servicing ACs of all brands in India for many years. We know ACs are now an inseparable part of everyday life and thus to guarantee your utmost comfort we are here and bring to you the most reliable 24/7 AC service in Chandigarh and surrounding areas with reasonable prices, starting at Rs. 599/- only.

Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss what are the issues you are facing with your AC – and we can arrive soon to fix anything that’s dripping down your comfort. We offer a cheap AC service to make sure your AC gets repaired at the most economical price.

Types Of Services AC Hours Provides

Where there is an AC or any other appliance in the home, there lie the issues too. When AC brings in cons of providing comfort, they come with causing issues too, which instant needs care to get cured and restore the functionality. Here are a few common air conditioning repair services we provide. If there are other rare and occasional issues, AC Hours and our technicians have a solution for all.

  • Indoor fans repair
  • Gas Charging
  • Capacitor repair
  • Fan motors repair
  • Wiring repair
  • Discharge ball repair
  • PCB (Panel control board) repair
  • Indoor coils repair
  • Indoor/Outdoor unit inspection and repair
  • Condenser coil repair
  • Capillary filter repair
  • Copper pipes repair
  • Drainpipe repair
  • Stabilizer repair and much more air conditioning repair service are provided by AC Hours

The above mentioned are a few and everyday problems related to AC, which we have noticed since the time we are serving in the industry. However, if there are issues that you think have occurred out of the blue, for instance, if you need Gas charging, a replacement of AC part, or other things, AC Hours has your back in all.

AC Hours Provides AC Service For The Following Brands

Shelved famous AC brands in India are over 20, but, there are even more brands that are manufactured and used locally by people. However, if you have the written below brands in your house or others, AC Hours with skilled and trained technicians can repair and service them all.

  • LG
  • O’General
  • Carrier
  • Onida
  • Voltas
  • Hitachi
  • Lloyd
  • Haier
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Blue Star
  • Samsung
  • Daikin
  • BPL AC
  • Godrej AC
  • Whirlpool
  • However, if you have ACs of different brands, or solar ACs of SinFin, Nexus, or other brands, AC Hours can repair, maintain, and service it all.

Get Reliable AC Repair & Maintenance Service From Experienced Hands

Before your AC ceases to work completely, it will certainly show you the signs of it getting out of the track and gaining your attention on the same. When you think you see the following symptoms, call for the AC repair in Kharar, as it is the need of your AC.

  • Your AC does not turn on instantly as you switch it on.
  • It makes weird noises
  • AC throws out dust
  • Your room smells bad after turning on AC
  • The water of the AC is dripping inside
  • There is ice formed on the AC inside or outside the unit.
  • Your ACs fan makes a humming sound
  • The compressor does not have a regular On & Off cycles
  • The AC throws warm air
  • The AC vibrates.

Seeing these problems, if you ignore to get AC repair in Kharar, you are inviting major breakdown for your AC real soon.

Moreover, if you do not even want these problems in your AC often, you should get regular maintenance of your AC. Getting the regular air conditioner maintenance will clean, lubricate, and fix all the loose connections of your AC which will not further cause damages to the AC and will not make you call for hefty repairs.

Call AC Hours to get cheap AC service that restores your AC in the best possible condition.

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