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O General AC Services Chandigarh

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24x7 O General AC Service In Chandigarh

There is a myriad of problems that can happen with the AC unit. Some day you can feel the AC venting the warm air, and someday you might see your AC releasing water inside the room, or maybe your has come to a complete halt. However, if these are the issues or if you want other AC services in Chandigarh at reasonable prices, the answer to all your queries will be AC Hours

AC Hours is a one-stop shop for all the AC repairs services you want in Chandigarh. AC Hours provides the following AC services:

>> AC Installation – 

Have you ever wondered why a few ACs at a few places work very efficiently, but others do not work correctly in the other room? Well, that is because the AC installation of O General AC and any ACs of other company needs the right AC fitting to work well. So, if you want an AC technician for O General AC installation in Chandigarh, call AC Hours. 

>> AC Maintenance – 

The O General Air Conditioning maintenance in Chandigarh is quite necessary when you want to have your AC work efficiently for years. The regular Air conditioner maintenance would include, cleaning the indoor and outdoor AC unit, checking the AC fitting, screwing up the wires, and checking for any repairs required in the AC. When you have an air conditioning technician from AC Hours, you can stay free-minded to get the right AC maintenance service only. 

>> AC Repairs –

AC repairs are a never-ending trait you have got when you have bought the AC. AC is just like another machine that needs time-to-time repair services and maintenance for anything that is malfunctioning in the AC. So, if your AC has been acting up lately and demands a repair, AC Hours is the place you must catch up with to get the O General AC repair in Chandigarh for your AC. From leaks to repairing the complete indoor or the outdoor unit, our O General AC technician in Chandigarh can do it all. 

We Tune-Up Your ACs For Better Efficiency

ACs without asking for repairs are not the ACs. We mean – How can a machine survive without asking for a repair? Well, it can’t right? Because a machine always gets depreciated and wanting for repairs is not a big deal. But, the big deal is when you bring in home the wrong hands to handle your AC. An AC mechanic in Chandigarh, who is not skilled and professional if services your AC – it might damage your AC further. So, to make your AC have the pampering hands of a professional AC mechanic, call for an AC technician from AC Hours. Our technician tune-up your AC with AC repair service to make it more efficient. 

Here are the repairs, AC Hours provide:

  • Panel Control Board (PCB) Repair
  • Capacitor Repair
  • Capillary filter Repair
  • Outdoor and Indoor AC Unit Repair
  • Drain Pipes Repair
  • O General AC Gas Charging
  • Complete AC O General Service
  • Copper Pipes Repair
  • Coil Check & Repair 
  • Wires Repair
  • Thermostat Repair
  • Compressor Repair
  • Remote Repair
  • Discharge ball Repair
  • Stabilizer Repair
  • Fan Motors Repair
  • O General AC Parts Repair & Replacement

The above mentioned are just a few O General AC repairs in Chandigarh that we provide. We know there are many more types of repair that your AC might call for. If your AC needs repairs other than the ones mentioned above, call AC Hours, and our executives would line up an AC technician with you for the AC repair you need for your AC.

Why Choosing AC Hours For AC Service Is The Best Option

We don’t like appreciating ourselves much, but unless we don’t let you know who we are, how we work, and what our qualities are, you might not believe in us. To gain your trust, here is the list of qualities we own:

  • We work 24×7 at your disposal. 
  • We provide AC repair, maintenance, installation, and all other AC services in Chandigarh.
  • We offer cheap AC service, but the best AC service and best AC repair as well.
  • We provide 30 days post-service warranty.
  • We provide AC service to keep you comfortable and do not push the charges to increase the bill. 
  • We make sure to gain 100% satisfaction from our customers.
  • We have served more than 1000 clients in Chandigarh and other nearby areas.
  • We provide AC service for commercial and residential areas in Chandigarh. 
  • Our service charge for Window AC service or split AC service starts at Rs. 599/-. However, the actual price would depend on the service you want. 

So, if you are still looking for the window or Split AC service near me in Chandigarh, get going, and call AC Hours now!

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